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Premium Package Details


Powerful web content management capabilities allow users to easily create pages, add page elements, upload and display files, and carry out website administration or content management tasks. An Enhanced Rich Text Editor implements a flexible and easy-to-use way to format your text, pictures, and videos.



Instead of having to deal with the trouble of buying and maintaining your domain name and hosting service, we can handle all of that for your convenience. Already have a domain name? No problem! We can transfer it over to the new site. J Gospel Net uses a powerful hosting service that is more reliable than the usual options. Usually, other services will host your websites along with thousands of other websites, causing potential speed and security problems. J Gospel Net’s provided hosting service will ensure you don’t run into many of the problems that plague other services.



Our premium websites are built on the world’s leading Content Management System and web application framework for Microsoft ASP.NET on SQL server, with easy navigation,, SQL server, MVC, html5, CSS3, Jquery an eye on simplicity, and flexibility that results in a user-friendly, highly modern framework, suitable for even the most mission-critical websites.


This comprehensive and powerful platform comes loaded with a wide array of built-in features that provides exceptional performance, which support hundreds of concurrent users and thousands of visitors daily. Content management, security, and membership options are all easily managed and controlled through a simple and intuitive interface, with minimal training required.


The platform is SEO optimized, with all content organized and automatically indexed for search engines. The system includes meta tags, meta description, and link generation from content, to boost SEO rankings and help search engines find your site online.



With the premium package, our design team will work closely with you to create a uniquely customized look for your website. Instead of using preset templates, a custom design will ensure that your website not only looks good, but functions perfectly for your needs. And if you also add-on our rebranding or a logo redesign service, our designers can integrate that with your new site for a complete package!



Other design services that offer to create everything for you will be costly, and can even run to $10,000 and above, depending on the project. Our websites are built using content management systems (CMS). The idea behind CMS is to make it so that users can easily edit their websites without having to pay costly fees to web developers to make simple changes. It is natural to want to save money wherever you can. We would also like to save you some money.


Our team will format your website’s important pages (up to 6), and provide you 2 hours of training (either in person or online) so that you can continue to customize and create content on your own terms. Yes, learning how to create content is that easy. Or if you prefer, we can create more pages for you for a small additional fee per page. It’s your choice, and more choices are good.



In every step of the way, the J Gospel Net team tests the designs and functions of our sites. Our designers will adjust the design to balanced in color, composition, and overall feeling—-all the way down to the pixel. This concept of design is carried over perfectly to our web developers, with user interface and usability in mind for your purposes. And last but not least, your website will be thoroughly tested to squash any bugs and potential issues. You can be confident that your final website will be fast, secure, and impressive.



Accidents happen. So it’s always good to be prepared. What do you do if you’re editing your website and mistakenly change a little too much? What do you do if you lose everything? Don’t worry–we have you covered. With all of our websites, our web developers set up automated backup systems so that your site can be restored to its former glory.


Other Services

Design of Website only

If you are a developer and need help with a design, we would be happy to design a web site for you, and provide you with the final layered Photoshop file that you can code yourself.


Development of Website only

If you have the design of the website already and want to leave the coding to us, send us your layered Photoshop mock-up and we will code the site for you.


Mobile Site Version

If you already have a website and you want to keep the design, but want to format it for mobile devices, let us know and we can create one for you.


Mobile App

Have you ever gone to a webpage on your phone, and have it ask if you wanted to download the mobile app for that website? Mobile versions of websites are becoming increasingly popular, and you can be a part of that too. By giving users easy access to your website on their mobile device, you can encourage them to keep coming back. iOS and Android supported.


Add-on Features

SEO Services

SEO Optimization can be confusing and complex. Which keywords to use? How to put it in? Will this strategy work? With our veteran experience in Search Engine Optimization, you can be sure that your website will be built to show up in search results. This is very useful for businesses who want to promote their services, or for organizations that want to get their message across.


Premium Design Services

How you portray yourself to the world is important—-every little detail counts. It’s important to have a good overall “branding” and logo. Luckily, we can help you with that. With our premium design services, we can redefine your appearance with custom graphics.


Social Media Marketing

Sharing is caring! Nowadays, It is widely accepted that a social media presence is the best way to spread your message or product. Our team can set you up for social success with popular social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. We also support other networks such as Weibo, QQ, WeChat, and more.


Multi-language Support

English is a great language, but it’s not the only language. Reach other visitors by adding multiple language translations to your website.


Custom Calendars

It’s important to keep track of events. So why not have a calendar on your site? We can add a highly functional calendar that can do it all—-agenda/day/week/month views, online registration/payment, and Google calendar synchronization. Keep everyone always notified of what happens where at what time.


Membership System

A membership and account system is a good way to encourage visitors to be active in your website. You can have password-protected areas on your website that only certain people can view. This is good for providing exclusive content, or having a special page only administrators and staff can view.


Comments, Feedback and Rating System

What better way to built up a community than by providing a place for your visitors to come and discuss hot topics, you can increase the traffic to your site exponentially. Plus, it’s always good to get feedback from your visitors.


Online Forms and Surveys

It’s always useful to know more about your visitors. J Gospel Net can create customized forms and surveys for you to collect and manage all sorts of data. We can also create forms for registration to events or services.


Custom Designed Newsletter (Bulk Emails)

Newsletters are perfect way to remind and inform your visitors about your recent activities and developments. Most companies will spend a lot of time designing one that looks great, but doesn’t function well. J Gospel Net can custom design a newsletter that not only matches your branding, but will be easy for you to edit in the future.


Advertisements and Promotions

Whether you want to generate a little bit of income or to promote your products, you can make use of the extra empty spaces on a website by placing advertisements and promotions. You can upload banners and determine their placement. They can define the number of impressions and length of ad campaign, and track banner views and click-throughs.


Visitor logs and tracking

Wouldn’t you like to know who visits your website, where they go, where they’re from, and what they’re interested in? With this information, you can see what’s working and what’s not. Administrators can track users and visitors by generating reports with details such as page popularity, page views by day, page views by days of week, page views by hour, page views by month, user frequency, user registration by country, and user registration by date.


Live Broadcasting

To enhance your company or ministry, we provide live broadcast any audio or video. Having your own personal internet channel will be beneficial for your organization. As a web app, this streaming service is available across all platforms, from computers to tablets and smartphones. There are no downloads required and everything is easily accessible. As long as your audience has the internet, they can access your stream! Of course, your audio/video streams can also be set privately, so only members (such as subscribers) can access them. (J Gospel Net is the first company to develop a Chinese Christian radio channel for mobile devices.)


More features and functions upon request


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